3 Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites of 2020

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3 Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites of 2020

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining is the process of mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to buy hardware. Usually, the equipment needed to mine cryptocurrency with your own hands can cost thousands. What’s more, as the complexity of the base unit increases over time, newly acquired hardware devices must be replaced with even more powerful devices, making your investment unnecessary later on.

Then you need to consider the cost of using your equipment, not least because you will need to use it 24 hours a day to be able to make a profit. As such, powerful mining devices require an obscene amount of electricity to operate, which is another cost that will lead to a long-term return on investment. This is where the Bitcoin cloud comes into play.

In its basic form, Bitcoin Cloud mining allows you to access the cryptocurrency workspace from the comfort of your own home – without having to buy hardware or consume electricity. On the contrary, you will invest in full-fledged mining, which already has the necessary foundation for successful mining.

By doing so, you will receive a share of the mining profit in proportion to the amount you invest. This allows you to see the ROI on your investment from day one, as Bitcoin cloud mining platforms usually pay daily. You will then have the opportunity to reinvest your profits, which means that you can benefit from the fruits of compound interest.

However, it is important to note that the Bitcoin cloud mining space often operates like the Wild West. While there are a number of established and reliable platforms out there, many are not. In fact, there have been countless cloud mining platforms that have simply disappeared overnight, taking money from investors along the way. Thus, you need to proceed with extreme caution.

What are the benefit and disadvantages of cloud mining


Bigger profits – As mining providers optimize everything for you, you get higher profits.

The house is quieter and cooler – no more sounds and heat.

Less electricity – electricity consumption will be much lower.

No equipment maintenance – no need to sell equipment when it is no longer profitable. There is no voltage in the hardware configuration.

Simple and ready to use: register with these providers and get started in minutes.


Fraud risk – there is always a risk of being cheated. Stay away if any mining activity brings you exceptional returns on your investment.

Mining Cost – Users have to pay to manage the equipment.

Unpredictable profit: profit depends on various factors. If the value of a currency falls, it can also become unprofitable.

Best Reliable & Secure Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites for 2020

Bitcoin pool

Bitcoin Pool is provided personally by Bitcoin and aims to offer the most competitive cloud mining services. Bitcoin announces that it provides the world’s largest stock payment fund (PPS) with a 98% block reward.

The setup is simple and you can start mining with Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Core right method, whichever is the most profitable for you. Monitoring is also easy with the Android and iOS mobile apps, so you can track your account usage and value whenever you want.


HashNest, founded by Bitmain in 2013, is one of the 1st companies to offer cloud mining and reliable services to over 400K users worldwide.

Hashnest hosts several mining brands such as Antiminer S17, S15, Z11, Whatsminer M21S, M20S, etc.Here you can withdraw Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and Dash, Hashnest will support more cryptocurrency mining in the near future. Cloud mining contracts at Hashnest can last a lifetime as long as the market exists. This is extremely beneficial for users who want to operate in the long run. Imagine how many coins you can buy in the long run, it will never end!

Another great feature of Hashnest is that users are free to buy or sell hash rates on the Hashnest marketplace. Each hashrate type has its own market. For users who prefer to start small or earn extra income by selling their hash rates, the Hashnest commercial marketplace will always be a good choice.

Triple mine

The data centres for exploiting the Triple Mine cryptocurrencies represent a major exploitation effort. Our robust security architecture makes us one of the leading providers of data centre solutions.

  • 99.95% SLA uptime.
  • Air cooling and immersion technology.
  • Reliable six-zone multi-layer protection.
  • Latest hardware technology.

Triple Mine offers cryptocurrency mining services and various mining solutions for small and large investors.

Bitcoin and Altcoin mining:

Use the most advanced hardware in our data centers to extract the most valuable cryptocurrencies or extract coins from our highly efficient mining cluster for all types of cryptocurrencies!


“How does our service work?”

“What’s the estimated return on investment?”

Good questions! Find comprehensive and easy-to-understand answers to our frequently asked questions:


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