Simple Mehndi Designs for You to Try Anytime

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Simple Mehndi Designs for You to Try Anytime

Art is a universal language understood by everyone around the world. And what better than the art that can decorate your hands to exhibit your personality. Mehndi art originates from the ancient Indian civilizations and has transformed over centuries to become what it is today. Indians and Pakistanis around the world put on henna on their hands and feet during celebrations like weddings, Eid, Diwali and other cultural and religious events.

But mehndi is not just famous amongst the people of the subcontinent. People all over the world are now catching up to this trend which is more popular today than it has ever been. There are thousands and thousands of mehndi designs that you can apply to decorate your hands with beautiful patterns using mehndi. Be it a simple design or a complex pattern, covering only fingers or your entire hands and arms, mehndi is loved and adored by millions worldwide and for clear reasons. It lets you explore your personality and then embrace these patterns on your body with confidence and elegance.

In this article I will show you some simple mehndi designs that are loved by women all over the world. These designs are easy to apply and gorgeous to look at. Even if you have little or no experience applying mehndi, you will be able to decorate your own and others’ hands easily!

So,let’s begin our journey of exploring simple mehndi designs and different types of mehndi art from all around the world.

Simple Chain Patterns

This is the simplest mehndi pattern that you can go for. It consists of small flower-like patterns that are joined by a line of dots. It is a very elegant looking design and also very easy to make. Even if you have never applied mehndi before, you will be able to make this very easily.

Here is another very easy to make a chain-like pattern. It starts from the pointer finger and goes across the palm to the opposite end of the wrist. It is a nice design to cover most of your hand but not very complex so it takes little time to apply.

This is a combination of these rhombus-like patterns that start from the tip of the middle finger and go all the way back to the wrist and beyond. It is an evergreen design that looks appropriate for any kind of event.

Tikka Design and Some Renditions

Teeka is a very universal mehndi design. Not only is it very easy to make, but it is also customizable to fit your personal style as well. Below is one very traditional design of the tikka style that has been popular for centuries.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more modern renditions of the tikka style.

This one below is a square or diamond-shaped design that looks very modern and chic. It is a bit geometric to look at and the lines and circles also make it very easy to apply. You can use more shapes like triangles etc. to modify the tikka design for yourself.

Here the tikka design is modified to make a heart when both hands are combined. Such designs are more common amongst brides to show love for their new spouses on their weddings. It is also a very simple easy to make mehndi design loved by millions worldwide.

Simple Designs Covering Full Hands

Some people might think of designs that cover the entire hand to be complex and difficult to apply. But that is not always the case. There are many designs that you can apply to your full hand but they are still quite easy to make.

Take this design below as an example. This is a very simple design that uses geometric shapes and lines to cover the entire hand. It might look complicated but when you break it down, it’s just lines and squares all over which are super easy to apply.

A very modern and chic design that you will definitely love. It is like a stamped pattern on random places on the hand and arms and looks super cute. It is also quite simple and easy to apply even if you’re a beginner.

I hope you loved these cute and simple mehndi designs as much as I did. If you think you don’t know how to apply mehndi, let me tell you that all it takes is practice. You keep practising and I assure you will become an expert very soon!

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